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Join us for our free introduction class.  Come meet me and see what CSMF is all about.

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CHICAGO SUPERMOMMIES FITNESS (CSMF)is a fun fitness program and community for active and expectant moms.  PRE/POSTNATAL, STROLLER FITNESS and PERSONAL TRAINING programs address the needs of the busy life you lead as an active mom.  Our total body exercise programs provide real fitness not the appearance of fitness.  Join Chicago SuperMommies Fitness now!

If you are currently expecting a sweet bundle of joy or have recently given birth SuperMommies Pre/Postnatal provides low impact cardiovascular and strength training to ease your pregnancy, labor and recovery.  Moms with infants or toddlers will enjoy our full throttle, sweat inducing Stroller Fitness program. 

You will be trained by a experienced, certified, and fit professional fitness trainer.  CSMF also includes a Mom's night out each month.

Personal Training is scheduled in your home, gym, or office at the most convenient times for you.  Please call or e-mail for further information.